Spot Contract

A spot contract is simply a term used to describe buying currency on the spot. These are executed over the phone.

Flexi Forward

A flexi forward allows you to fix a rate of exchange today to be used in the future. We typically book forwards up to one year in advance however in special circumstances we can go further forward to three or four years. Flexi forwards allow you to draw down at any point from day four from when the currency is booked up until the value date.

Fixed Forward

A fixed forward is similar to a flexi forward however you must draw down all the funds on the value date. Therefore if you booked a forward with a value date of three months time you would take delivery of that currency in three months on that date. You can’t draw down in between that period.

Market Order

Allows you take advantage of any market movements that occur over a period of time. Using time to achieve a better rate.

Hedging Solutions

We offer a range of hedging strategies and solutions allowing you to hedge your companies currency exposure in accordance with any costed levels or budgeted rates.